Examining Technological Knowledge and Reasoning in Icelandic and Finnish Comprehensive Schools

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This research was undertaken in Finnish and Icelandic
schools during the years 2013-14, in order to explore
students’ technological knowledge and reasoning at the
ages of eleven and thirteen. The research considered the
congruence between students’ undertakings within Craft
and Design education in the national curriculum and their
ability to understand technological concepts. Data was
collected using a questionnaire distributed to seven
elementary schools and is highlighted with the researchers’
reviews of the national curricula. The Icelandic part of the
research was undertaken with 277 students and Finnish
sample consisted from 317 participants. Technological
knowledge and reasoning was measured with a
questionnaire regarding mechanical systems connected
with simple physical phenomena. The results highlighted
that students should have been more familiar with the
content of the survey as a result of their Design and Craft
studies and the use of textbooks in other subjects, such as
physics. We expected that there is more transfer effect
between the content of curriculum and the results in
technological knowledge and reasoning. In addition, some
differences between boys and girls were found. This is
explained by boys and girls different interests and
obviously this has an impact on girls’ motivation for
learning about technology.

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AUTIO, Ossi; OLAFSSON, Brynjar; THORSTEINSSON, Gisli. Examining Technological Knowledge and Reasoning in Icelandic and Finnish Comprehensive Schools. Design and Technology Education: an International Journal, [S.l.], v. 21, n. 2, june 2016. ISSN 1360-1431. Available at: <https://ariadnestaging.lboro.ac.uk/DATE/article/view/2116>. Date accessed: 30 june 2022.
craft and design education, technological reasoning, technical literacy