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Proposals for articles

We are very pleased to receive proposals for articles at any time. You can submit an abstract or outline of your article with a working title from the outset. Alternatively, write to the editorial team about your work and organisation and what you might propose for an article if it seems to be within Ariadne’s scope. If an article is agreed, then a date for submission will be established and the editorial team will send you information on how to submit your article (and any images, always welcome) together with an explanation of the editorial process.

Being an online journal page length and word count are not set in stone, but we find that articles between 2000 and 4000 words are usually about the right balance between detail and readability. All articles should be in British English and should not have been published in English elsewhere. If you are translating your article into English from another language, please have it proof read by a native English speaker before submission, and please don’t rely on services such as Google Translate! Articles that were previously published elsewhere in a different language can be submitted to us in English, provided that the author(s) have retained copyright/reuse rights and/or the original journal has permitted the reuse of the article and any included materials.

Target Audience

The target audience for Ariadne is librarians, museum curators, archivists and associated technical staff & managers. Articles should cover topics that will be of interest to one or more of these audiences.

Authors and self-archiving

Ariadne frequently receives requests from authors for permission to place a copy of their article on their institutional or another repository. Authors are welcome to do this but we request that the copy is not made publicly visible until their article has been published on the Ariadne Web site.

I’ve found an Ariadne article about XYZ. Can I add links to new resources for XYZ to it?

No, once published Ariadne articles are not updated - they aren’t like blog posts. If you do have lots of new information about a subject that was covered in a previous Ariadne article we’d be interested to receive an article proposal from you for a new article on the subject.

How can I spread the word about content on this site?

Our site provides convenient ways to let others know about content of interest. ‘Send to friend’ options can be found on many pages, to help you quickly send recommendations via email using a simple web form. All articles have links, at the bottom of the page, to help you spread the word via social media services including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest.

Most articles on this site are published under copyright as explained in our general statement of access terms and copyright information. You can find confirmation of applicable copyright for content near the end of each article. In cases where articles are published under Creative Commons licence, explanations are provided on relevant article pages. Please note that some images on this site are subject to separate copyright and used under license from image providers; in such cases, we provide information about the licensing image provider in the ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags of relevant images.